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Sandra Phinney

Sandra Phinney is a journalist and photographer. She lives on the Tusket River in Yarmouth, NS. She writes features for business and lifestyle magazines, penned two non-fiction books, produced content for a number of guide books, and delivers writing workshops. Although travel writing is a small part of her work, it holds a big place in her heart and in spite of travelling the world, she's nutty about Atlantic Canada and passionate about visiting people and places in the region. In 2010, although she'd spent a lot of time in the four Atlantic provinces, she was acutely aware that she'd never been to Labrador. "I wonder what's up there," she thought. The following summer, Sandra left her home in Yarmouth, NS, and drove with her husband, Barrie MacGregor, through NB and PQ up to Labrador City, across Labrador, over to the west coast of NL and back home again.

She was so smitten by the people in Labrador that she vowed to go back in 2012--and she did. This time, she flew into Goose and spent three weeks poking around Happy-Valley Goose Bay with a side trip up to Nunatsiavut. Now she's determined to get back in 2013, 2014, 2015 ... you get the picture.

"There's one giant magnet in Labrador that draws me back. It's hard to pinpoint exactly what that magnet is but I suspect it's a combination of people, culture, and one heck of a "big land." It's like nothing I've ever experienced in other parts of Atlantic Canada. Even the air is different. Really. And even when things go wrong in Labrador it turns out right. That's just the way it is."