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Central's wackiest attractions

30 Nov 2011 by Janice Goudie in Trip Planning
Region: Central

Did you know there’s a toilet seat museum in Texas? Or how about the world's largest stump in Kokomo, Indiana? If the mention of these wacky attractions has got you in the mood for outside the box travel, don’t go too far. We have our own unusual and unique finds right here. Here is what I consider some of central Newfoundland’s wackiest attractions.

Witch’s Foot, Joe Batt’s Arm, Fogo Island

The Witch’s Foot is an indentation in a rock on Fogo Island that’s believed to be the actual footprint of a witch. As the story goes, in the late 1700’s – early 1800’s, the townspeople of Joe Batt’s Arm tried to banish a witch from their community and ended up chasing her to Etheridge’s Point. In an effort to flee, she jumped to a nearby island but slipped and drowned. Visitors can remove their socks and place their foot in the groves of the rock to experience the witch’s imprint for themselves.

Giant Squid, Glover’s Harbour

If you wish to see world famous attractions, then Glover’s Harbour is where to head. In 1878, the world’s largest giant squid landed near this tiny community carving the town’s place in history. At 55 feet in length, the giant squid made the Guiness Book of World Records. Today, visitors can see a lifesize replica of the creature that Canada Post included in it's cross-country roadside stamp series.

Glassy Beach, Springdale

Ever walk a glass-filled beach and never as much as scrape yourself? Now you can at Glassy Beach in Springdale. Located on the outskirts of town, this beach is made up of rocks and colourful shards of glass that have been smoothed over time by the Atlantic Ocean.

Rock formations of Twillingate

It’s not just icebergs that turn heads in Twillingate, but a few rock formations as well. Found in different locations are two very unique “faces” etched in stone. In the cliffs above part of the town, is unmistakably the replica of a gorilla’s face. And if you’ve ever wanted to meet royalty, the rock profile of Queen Victoria will have you snapping photos faster than the paparazzi.

Of course, these aren't the only wacky attractions in central. Let me know what crazy things have grabbed your attention and which ones you enjoyed the most. Email me at