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Tales from, Part One.

 I’m Kurt from and I just landed here with fellow hiker Jodie to begin to explore some of Newfoundland and Labrador’s most cultural, historic, and unspoiled hiking trails.


We flew into Deer Lake Tuesday night, and yesterday was our travel day up to St. Barbe, in order to get today's ferry over to the main attraction, Southern Labrador.


Yesterday’s highlight, without question, was the drive through Gros Morne.  It was a first for Jodie and I, and, admittedly, driving past some of the main trailheads packed with hikers was hard to do. The scenery was breathtaking.  But we had to get the 380km drive done, and after arriving at St. Barbe, we took in two walking trails, both short but picturesque.  Readers who have an evening to spend waiting for the ferry might like to know about these, and we'll post them on trailpeak soon. The walk at Flower Cove featured Thrombolites (3 billion year old life forms) and a fishing boat graveyard across the bay. Other highlights included the lighthouse at Rocky Harbour and some town sightseeing along the way.  The scenery with the coastline on our left, the flat barrens in between, and the towering fjords to our right was incredible.  We both want to spend a few days hiking in Gros Morne, however, last year's crew bagged the James Callaghan (Gros Morne mountain) trail and others. Hopefully we'll hike in Gros Morne on the way back when we stay near Cow Head.


Today, a ferry trip over to our Labrador, with a hike around the Jersey Rooms trail near L'Anse Au Clair.  Then we get ready for the village to village hikes and our highlight of hiking to the Point Amour lighthouse.  The focus will be heritage combined with hiking and dramatic coastline scenery and maybe a few icebergs.