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Sea Caves, Sea Stacks & Finbacks With The Outfitters

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It was another beautiful, sunny day in the capital city as I donned my life jacket and skirt for a kayaking adventure with The Outfitters. Had I already been kayaking twice this summer? You betcha! Was this trip just like the others? Absolutely not. This was unlike any tour I had experienced. I’m talking middle of the ocean, paddling into sea caves, being followed by whales – this was Newfoundland adventure at it’s finest.

Their tour launch site in Bay Bulls is located in one of the most scenic areas in the peninsula in a relatively protected harbour. We wasted no time suiting up, hopping in our kayaks and getting out on the water. Gerard, our lead guide, is the most experienced kayaker at The Outfitters, and he informed us that today was our lucky day – it was his last day on the job and he was going to take us on an extra special paddle. We happily agreed to tag along and soon we branched off from the group for a private paddle – a true honour.

We followed Gerard as he navigated the coastline. It was absolutely breathtaking. He took us to one of his favourite places in the harbour, and I could see why. We were surrounded by towering sea stacks, atop of which perched massive seabirds calling to one another. The water was calm and the sun was warm. We bobbed lazily, just taking it all in – I didn’t think it could get any better than that perfect moment. I was wrong.

Next, Gerard took us on a tour of the mysterious sea caves that dot the coastline. We didn’t just paddle by and peer inside, Gerard put the kayaks in reverse and we paddled into them – backwards! I’d never experienced anything like it. One minute you’re paddling along the calm, still ocean, next you’re inside a dark, ghostly cavern where the sea comes alive! The swells pull you back and forth, you have to continuously paddle just to stay in place. What a rush! We must’ve entered five or six caves that day – some we had to pass under waterfalls to get to, some opened and expanded into massive cavities, and some were so narrow you could run your hands along their slick, black walls as you entered.

After we had our fill of sea caves, we were on the hunt for whales. We weren’t disappointed. We paddled out into the open water and almost immediately spotted the tell-tale puff of water that indicated we had company. Shortly after, a fin emerged from the water followed by a big, beautiful tail – we had a finback whale swimming our way to say hello! We stayed perfectly still and watched in awe as she playfully swam and back and forth, waving her tail and putting on a show. It was the perfect end to our adventure.

The Outfitters are offering something very special in Bay Bulls. The opportunity to explore the coastline, paddle into the depths of a sea cave and even have a whale put on a show  - they’re creating memories that will last forever. Offering hourlysunset and multi-day tours, they have something to suit every need, from the first time paddler to the pro. Travelling with delegates? They’re happy to put together a custom package for you! Get ready for the kayaking adventure of a lifetime – book your tour now!

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