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Great views, great walk and great bird day

With a full breakfast in our stomach, including fresh fried” toutons” from the Wheelhouse Inn, we hit the road. We had to. The sun was out!

We went back to Burin and took a stroll along the Heritage Boardwalk, which offered a quiet time by very clear water. We also drove around several scenic coves before taking Highway 210 towards Placentia, but this time with very clear visibility. No fog! Wow! What a difference a view can make!!!

In Placentia, we stopped by Three Sisters Pub and had a great lunch.

The next few hours were spent at the Parks Canada Castle Hill Historic Site. What a stunning  view ! A must see! Plus the exhibit is fantastic. Of course, Rachelle made it lively and interesting with a heaping portion of humour! We also had the pleasure of meeting a costumed soldier in the person of supervisor Cyril.  Our thanks to both for making this visit sooooo worthwhile! Great  interpretation panels and illustrations, re-creation of daily scenes, and a fun activity for the kids: preparing a cod for salting….all done with a stuffed, fabric cod and wooden knives.

***Insert great picture of a view from Castle Hill- never mind- problem with memory card!!***

A night at the Bridgeway Inn, a cozy room with everything  needed:  fridge, microwave, coffee machine and a few steps away, a self-serve area for the morning continental buffet.

This morning…fog and rain, but that was not going to stop us from going to the Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve. I must admit I’m not a bird person…I prefer the 4-legged kind or the fin n’ fluke kind of animal, but apparently it was a must-see. Ya think!? YES Sirree!

Once on the trail, we followed glow-in-the-fog-orange sticks in the ground for 20 minutes. Apparently, gannets and murres don’t care about the wind, the drizzle and the heavy fog. So why should we??? It was magic. They were there by the tens of thousands… very much worthwhile despite the weather. .  As an added bonus, we met a  flock of sheep grazing away…. They didn’t mind the weather either. The interpretation centre provides information about the migrations and nesting hierarchy of the 7 species of birds nesting on the rocks.



Onward we went. Had lunch at The Wilds Golf Resort… seemed the golfers didn’t share the gannets’ enthusiasm for the weather…

The rain stopped, that was our cue to go at Salmonier Nature Park. Such a pleasant 3-km walk on a wheelchair-accessible boardwalk! The park rehabilitates injured animals and, when possible, returns them to the wild. They get 40,000 visitors a year! I didn’t know that! We saw a marten, 2 caribous, a bald eagle, 2 snowy owls, one horned owl (it was my day for birds!!) The boardwalk goes through a forest of thick carpeted lichens, around a pond, by a river, a brook, take your time and enjoy!

Tonight, we’re at the lovely Claddagh Inn offering  three-course meals and Sunday nights Jig’s dinners. In their  Padraig’s Folly, a cozy, you can  partake in a cold ale.  Can’t wait for the breakfast tomorrow!

And to finish off our day, we did a sweet tour of a miniature village 2 km out of town: a lovely and elaborate folk art replica of the resettled village of Oderin.