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Dories and cheesecake

A foggy morning… So I decided to visit the Grand Bank Seamen Museum in Fortune. Did you know the building was bought for $1 and shipped to Newfoundland… It used to be the Yugoslavian Pavilion at Montreal’s Expo 67. Talk about repurposing!

It’s a nice place for any maritime, dory or wood enthusiast. There are temporary exhibits for your enjoyment: paper money and coins, the tragic loss of a group of sealers in 1914 and a small exhibit on the Titanic. The permanent exhibit features everything from engines to killicks, wheels, ship models and dories. You can’t imagine the subtle differences in their design depending on their origin: French, Portuguese, American, etc.  The second floor was more about the tools and equipment used on a traditional homestead including washing machines, side sleighs (what?)  and wooden tools. I spent about an hour and enjoyed it very much.


A delicious lunch at Sharon’s Nook was a must. What an eclectic collection of “stuff” in that place! And I mean that in the nicest possible way. You can feast your eyes on a 1942 calendar, an old juke-box, some 45’s (flat vinyl disks for listening to music in the 50’s, for those of you under 40 !!!). Today, they are called vintage!  A very nice spot to eat and chat with charming ladies.

P-l-e-a-s-e make sure to taste at least one of their many varieties of cheesecakes: chocolate caramel, Hawaiian, strawberry lemon….For the sweet tooth among you, beware! You can buy them  baked or unbaked, by the slice or the entire cake, C’mon, you know you want to…

We made a quick run to Fortune Head Ecological Reserve where we snapped a few pictures of its lighthouse and surrounding cliff formations. We could only imagine the island of Saint-Pierre in the distance; the fog made it so that we would have to discover it in person.

And so it was off to France on a very nice catamaran The Cabestan, only an hour from Fortune. Although the crew said the waters were calm, I wouldn’t want to experience what they would term choppy waters. But of course these men used to be fishermen. They have waves swaying in their blood!