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a few notes along the way

4 Jun 2014 by Dominique Chiasson in
Regions: Avalon , Eastern

We saw our first moose today!

We had been warned sooo many times by sooo many Newfoundlanders:  “Don’t drive at night. You won’t see them coming! They just seem to come out at you!”

 I didn’t get it! How can you not see that huge, gigantic, tall animal coming? The signs are everywhere… on the highway, on the roads…. And then, I saw this!

Clearly, unmistakably, you CAN see them coming. Look at its vest!


We were happily surprised to see that many small establishments offer handicapped access. At Cupid’s Haven B&B, our room met every standard and the bathroom had an all access shower, a shower seat, a movable bar for the toilet…and obviously the ramps. The dining room also offered enough space to move around.

Our Barbour Place cottage at The Artisan Inn in Trinity  also had a ramp and a lower counter in the kitchen. The Harbour Quarters in Bonavista has an elevator for its three floors. The Bonavista Social Club has ramps and access. Congrats to all of them! I look back not too many years ago when my mother would have loved this type of access, especially in small establishments like B&B’s and inns.

About the weather…

Don’t believe the forecast. Where I live in Charlevoix, Quebec, we always say to our visitors: “As for the forecast, look out the window.” Same thing here.  It keeps changing. You see a big front coming, you brace yourself and the sun shines brightly ten minutes after, right?

We also saw our first puffins…the real kind. That will be for my next blog.