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The First Sunrise (& Sunset!) in North America

Having our very own timezone certainly puts us in unique position – we’re the first to see the sunrise (& sunset) in North America! Here within, some notable, off the beaten track, locations to get the best view:

1. The Rooms
Immerse yourself in our culture at Newfoundland and Labrador’s largest public cultural space. It’s the place where it all comes together – our history, heritage and artistic expression. The Rooms unites the Provincial Archives, Art Gallery and Museum. But that’s not all! Climb the steps, all the way to the top, for one of the best views of the city! Stand on top of the world and watch the sun rise dramatically over The Narrows.

2. Signal Hill
One of 167 National Historic Sites, Signal Hill is part of Parks Canada, the oldest national parks service in the world. This historic site celebrates the rich communications and military history of Signal Hill and sits amidst a spectacular view of St. John’s and the sea. On New Year’s Day, hundreds of people make the trek up the Hill to watch the first sunrise of the new year. Get up early and watch as our colourful city comes to life.

3. Elaine’s B&B by the Sea
When you need to escape a hurried life, Elaine’s B&B by the Sea is the place to be. Nestled on the banks of the Atlantic Ocean, take in the sunrise with a panoramic view of the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve which is home to millions of birds including the Atlantic Puffin. You’ll never want to go home.

4. Cape Spear
This list wouldn’t be complete without Cape Spear National Historic Site. Perched on a rugged cliff at our continent’s most easterly point lies Cape Spear Lighthouse – the oldest surviving lighthouse in the province and an iconic symbol of Newfoundland and Labrador’s mariner history. Face the sea and breath in the salty ocean air knowing you are seeing the sunrise before anyone else in North America.