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The Sea Beckons You… Ocean Quest Spa

24 Feb 2014 by Janelle Hickey in St. John’s
Region: Avalon

Ocean Quest Spa is located on the shores of Conception Bay South. Established in 2011 with only 2 treatment rooms and 3 estheticians, it has flourished into a three story full service spa offering specialized skin care treatments and fireside manicures and pedicures overlooking the waters of Conception Bay. I had the luck of being invited to experience one of their most popular services – a Hot Stone Massage. If you’ve never had one before, I urge you to treat yourself. I left Ocean Quest feeling more relaxed and rejuvenated than I thought was even possible.

The first thing I noticed walking into Ocean Quest Spa was how inviting and comfortable the reception area was. There was a roaring fire in the fireplace and the staff were very attentive, taking my jacket and offering me something to drink. I met my technician, Nancy Purchase, who took me upstairs and explained how the treatment worked. She was lovely and certainly knew her stuff. She told me that the Hot Stone treatment was just as nice for them to give as it would be for me to receive. As someone who doesn’t go in for regular massages that really put me at ease and made me feel comfortable.

Once I was snuggled under the heated sheets the process began. The Hot Stone Massage is a full body experience – the treatment uses hot stones and nourishing body oils from the top of the forehead down to the tips of the toes. You even get treated to a scalp massage at the end! An hour and fifteen minutes later I felt like a wet noodle. Ocean Quest Spa claims the Hot Stone Massage will both cleanse and energize the Chakras leaving you with the feeling of balance and peace – I can certainly attest to that! I’ve never been so relaxed and at peace in my entire life. I took my time getting up and dressed, lingering in the afterglow effect.

Next it was back downstairs to the reception area where I spent twenty minutes chatting with the wonderful staff. All in all, I had an fantastic experience at Ocean Quest Spa. I strongly suggest the next time you’re looking to pamper yourself to head out to the rocky shores of Conception Bay South. Relax, unwind, and feel totally rejuvenated as you indulge in treatments and products designed to help you look and feel your best. Book you appointment today!