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Sail into the Beauty of Bonne Bay

Watching the sunset on a clear, calm night, its final rays shimmering on the bay waters. The glowing ball of orange disappearing behind the strong, rustic 500 million year old tablelands. It is hard not to feel
overwhelmed by the natural beauty of the scene. This unique sight can only be seen from the water, which is why you need to get out onto Bonne Bay in a boat.
Bay is located in the heart of Gros Morne National Park and a tour of this beautiful bay is anexceptional way to see the park from a different viewpoint. Bon Tours offers multiple tours on their boat the EMM CAT. The Bonne Bay day tour is a two hour guided catamaran ride where you can explore and learn about the landscape of this UNESCO world heritage site. The tour guide is informative and interesting as he reveals the geological wonders that are abundant throughout the park. His humour and kind demeanor make him very approachable and demonstrate how much he likes to answer questions.
Before the boat even left the dock, I immediately went to the top deck, despite how windy it was. I love being on boats and I was not going to sit inside and look through a window the entire time. I stood on the deck, letting the cold wind blow through my hair. As we set out onto Bonne Bay, I took a deep breath of the salty air.
Every moment and every turn revealed another postcard-perfect scene. On our journey, someone spotted a pair of Bald Eagles perched on a nest. The captain brought the boat closer to shore so everyone on board could get a better look. We were then informed by the guide that the pair was about 30 years old and had been here for most of their lives.  I thought to myself how smart these Eagles were, I have quickly realised what an incredibly place Gros Morne is, I don't want to leave either. 
Experiencing the nature, beauty and geological wonders of Gros Morne while drifting along the bay is a must-do for anyone visiting the park.
The sunset cruise is a completely different experience from the day tour. If you have time, I highly recommend doing both. This tour starts with some informative pieces, but is more about the scenery and the music than anything else. Each cruise hosts a different musical guest, the music entices your soul as the sun sets over the tablelands. I have traveled to many countries in the world and I can honestly say that Newfoundland produces some of themost beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. Watching the sky being painted a golden, pinkish hue while listening to live traditional Newfoundland music is an experience that will capture your soul the way this province captures your heart.

As I was leaning against the railing of the boat, appreciating the uniqueness of the sunset, I heard a splash. I turned to the tour guide with a look of confusion and concern, wondering if someone had fallen overboard. He quickly calmed me down by telling everyone on board that there were Minkes, a breed of small whale, playing just ahead of the boat. Observing these creatures jump and play in the water while the sun set behind them made me feel as though I had just walked into painting. One thing I have discovered about Newfoundland is that the moment you become in awe with the beauty around you, it adds one more detail that will absolutely take your breath away.
Once the sun set it was time for the party to begin. Everyone made their way downstairs where the
band and bar were waiting. As the boat pulled into the harbour, everyone on board was clapping, toe tapping, singing and jigging. A truly perfect night spent in Gros Morne, Newfoundland.
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