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Biking Torbay to Flatrock

Luke Nichols is getting married on Saturday; however, with a trail like Flatrock in your backyard, you find a way to slip away for a few hours. And, that is one of the best things about riding in St.John's: trail heads are never far away. Twenty minutes from St.John's on Torbay Road, take exit 48B.

Below is the slopping smooth rock that juts into the Northern Avalon. Taking it all in, we rest on the rock eating almonds and a Newfoundland Chocolate Company Wildberry bar.

Unlike Pippy Park, the Torbay to Flatrock trail is flowy and fast at times. Long, gradual climbs give you a chance to sweat, then catch your breath on the way down. 


Coming through a pine forest on a wide road, the trail then follows a golden meadow, eventually opening up to this lookout over Torbay. Careful--it would be easy to come barreling around the corner and do a Thelma and Louise over the edge. 

A meadow full of purple fireweed. 

The trail also has a bit more dirt than Pippy Park's trails, making it a bit more grippy. 

 More of the views before taking the paved road back to Torbay.

Luke also came across a patch of yellow chanterell mushrooms. Oh my! Between the schrooms and the massive blueberry bushes, you could have yourselves a feast, b'y.