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A capelin scull, Sandy Cove

4 Jul 2011 by Peter Bull in Fishing , Nature and Culture
Region: Central

This past Saturday, Ronan, Cormac my Dad and I went to Sandy Cove on the Eastport Peninsula to see if the capelin were rolling. We were in luck! The capelin scull is an amazing sight worth seeing and a lot of fun. These small fish migrate from the deep ocean and spawn on the beach. For centuries, Newfoundlanders and Labradorians have taken this opportunity to catch these fish as they roll in the coves and bays around the province. They make for a great meal, but are also prized as fertilizer on vegetable gardens. This was Ronan and Cormac's first time seeing the capelin roll and they had a blast. It took a while to figure out the best way to catch them, but by the end we were catching them with our hands. Newfoundland noodling! Fresh capelin fried for breakfast the next day was a great treat. There is no set date to witness this natural spectacle, but it generally happens in late June and early July.