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Splash N' Putt; NL's version of Disney World

The sun rose up and so did we. Three extremely rambunctious children had put a very exciting and energetic taste to the early morning, eagerly awaiting the thrill of water slides and go-carts.

On arrival at Splash N’ Putt, just west of Terra Nova National Park, legs were swinging and heads were bobbing in an effort to lift out of the seats and catch a glimpse of the waterslide. No time was wasted once their feet hit the ground as they ran directly where their hearts desired, possessing a “child instinct” of being able to detect where there was fun.

Riley hit the go-carts, Abbie the water slide, and Claye, the pool. In their minds it was Newfoundland and Labrador’s version of Disney World. The joy and adventure in their eyes at the end of the day had many stories to tell - ones they would not soon forget.