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Check out this traditional Newfoundland dory fishing tour

2 Aug 2012 by Keith and Heather Nicol in Boat Tours and Fishing
Region: Western

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If you want to go cod fishing from a traditional Newfoundland dory then you need to contact Darren Park. Darren is a top notch guide and operates 2 Newfoundland dories for tours of the Goose and Penguin Arm and is based in Cox’s Cove at the end of the North Shore highway (highway 440) near Corner Brook. His dory fishing trips are unique in the province and are very popular during the recreational cod fishery which runs from July 21-August 12, 2012. When we phoned to book our trip he told us that all of his groups have caught their limit so far this year and that the largest fish caught was a 15 lb cod. “Perfect” we said “mark us down for the evening of Sunday, July 29.” When we arrived Darren said he was having his best year ever and that he only had a few spots left in the summer cod fishery season. “I even have several bookings for the fall fishery from September 22 to 30 and most of these are with repeat costumers” he grinned.

The scenery is spectacular so bring your camera!

We set off from the beach in bright sun at 5:00 pm and there was a strong breeze blowing from the west. The wind kept blowing us off Darren’s most recent fishing “hot” spots and the wind didn’t show its usual sign of diminishing as the sun dropped lower in the sky. Heather said “I hope we don’t break your perfect fishing record this summer but to be honest I think it is just great being out here on the water with the great scenery.” Of course, Darren doesn’t give up and if the fish aren’t biting in one place he is off to his next spot in no time. “Lets get out of this wind and head into the bay” Darren said as we motored for a couple of kilometers toward Penguin Head. Once in position he told us to drop our lines and then in no time we began reeling fish in. Heather caught the first one, a nice 6 pound cod and then we all began to catch fish. In 20 minutes we had our limit. Another big bonus is that Darren fillets the fish for you when you get back to the beach so you can take your catch home all ready to cook. Darren runs boat tours through the summer and it includes a mussel boil up at his seaside cabin and then fishing or sightseeing in season. He can be reached at 688-2125 or

Heather caught the first fish - a 6lb cod.