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Puffin spotting

They first appeared as little black spots dotting a clear, bright blue sky. Something like a swarm of mosquitoes – something! But as the boat slowed upon approach to the rock island in front of us, it soon became clear we were witnessing the awkward flight of dozens of puffins.

It was the first time I had seen these birds in the waters off Newfoundland; these small black water fowl with colourful beaks and bright orange legs that clumsily flew for safety.

We were only a short boat ride from Happy Adventure, and had been promised by the captain – Chuck Matchim of Inn at Happy Adventure – that he could deliver on seeing puffins. And deliver he did! These birds were everywhere!

After we got our fix of watching the puffins fly overhead, it was off again to explore other areas. This particular day we were treated to views of eagles, rock formations, a walking trip of a historic local area, and even a close-up view of an iceberg!

Upon returning from a great trip on the water, we finished our day with a delicious meal of Chucky’s famous fish and chips, with a side order of French fries, dressing and gravy of course.

With great food, wonderful views, and experiences beyond my expectations, I'll definitely be heading back to the Eastport Peninsula sometime very soon.