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Preparing for the Appleton polar dip

14 Feb 2012 by Janice Goudie in Festivals & Events and Trip Planning
Region: Central

It’s a balmy -7 degrees here in Grand Falls-Windsor at the moment. And the thought of the bitter cold seeping through my veins is not something I’m embracing today.

The Appleton Polar dip is taking place on February 18th and I almost – almost – have myself convinced that I can and will participate this year. Oh how the chill will begin in my feet as they hit the freezing water. How it will creep quickly up my half-naked body and engulf me until I’m completely numb. But if I survive the bitter cold temperatures, I’ll be among an elite group of fellow peers who can lay claim to having participated in this annual event.

Participants of the 2011 polar dip

It’s the 20th year for the Appleton Winterfest (50th anniversary for the town) which takes place in this beautiful, friendly community on the banks of the mighty Gander River, approximately 20 kilometres west of Gander. And it’s the ice filled waters of this river that for the past number of years, brave (and some may say crazy) souls have voluntarily plunged into.

Quickly in, quickly out

Each participant has their own reason for taking this plunge. While the reasons why I’m considering doing it haven’t quite become clear to me, I’m sure despite the bone numbing cold, the event, and having participated in it, will be something I won’t regret having done.

If you find yourself in the Appleton area this weekend, drop by the marina at 11:00 am. And bring along your bathing suit… just in case you have a last minute burst of courage.