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Hitting the rapids with Riverfront Chalets

22 Jun 2012 by Janice Goudie in Nature , Trip Planning and Outdoor Adventure
Region: Central

By Jennifer Murphy

The sun was starting to make its way high into the sky when my rafting adventure began. We convened at Riverfront Chalets (just west of Grand Falls-Windsor) where we were given brief safety instructions and provided protective gear (life jackets, helmets, and splash jackets for comfort). The friendly instructors gave a play-by-play of the fun that was lying ahead for the group.

We climbed on to the big red “Clifford” bus and set out to Badger. During the quick 10-minute drive to the landings, the rafting instructors helped familiarize everyone on the bus. We all introduced ourselves and shared our favorite vacation memory to break the ice.

I'm dressed up to ride the bus!

We then reached the site, and the newly acquainted gang all listened to quick and easy instructions (a necessity for ensuring an equally safe and fun excursion). We then took to the water, going over the different types of paddle strokes, attempting to get everyone in sync, which at times proved to be challenging during all the excitement!

Water fight!

Water guns, and splashing were par for the course while all the different rafts on the water interacted with each other. We stopped briefly on the river and climbed on top of a giant rock for a great view of the river. It also served for the perfect photo opportunity! We then continued down the river hitting small rapids on the way, which were quick and exhilarating!

Striking a pose

We soon made another stop on the river to jump off the rocks in an area of water where the two currents met. When you jump into the water the current pulls you down the river and you wait a bit before you swim and the cross of currents easily drifts you back to shore.

We then continued on the water for a bit, and found another landing to rest for a lunch break. Before the break however, we got to surf rapids! A cluster of dips and colliding water currents were the perfect location to practice all the new skills everyone had learn that day. The raft was taken over by the powerful forces of water coming from all different directions! Dipping down into the water and up again, we were paddling and leaning in all as a group. It was quite the adrenaline rush!

After the excitement, we all sat down on the landing chatting and relaxing under the clear blue sky as we enjoy the delicious lunch provided. The tour picked back up where it left off, and we hit the Badger Chute once again. The panoramic views of lush trees greeted us from both sides of the water. We saw a bald eagle perched high on a branch, just another element of the beautiful surrounding nature that day. We then continued to glide easily down the remainder of the river, taking it easy while enjoying the view.

Exhausted from the day’s adventure, we finally returned back to Riverfront Chalets with a bunch of memories we won’t soon forget.