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A quick trip to the Eastport Peninsula

By Jennifer Murphy


We headed out towards the Eastport Peninsula just past noon. Bordering Terra Nova National Park, the drive out towards the small communities is very scenic! Lush forests and glimps of the bay areas greeted us along the coast line of the peninsula.

We drove to Aunt May’s Bed and Breakfast in Happy Adventure to spend the night. We checked into our room, which featured an extremely comfortable queen bed and a private ensuite bathroom with a soaker tub. It had all the amenities and elements to enjoy a relaxing evening!

We then ventured by foot to Chucky’s Seafood and Wild Game Restaurant for supper. It was a short 5-minute walk from the B&B to The Inn at Happy Adventure, where the restaurant is located. The restaurant had a lovely atmosphere and looked out over the water. The beautiful scenery is just one element of many that makes dinning at Chucky’s such a pleasurable experience! We enjoyed fresh seafood for our supper consisting of calamari and cod. The service was great and very attentive.

The next morning we woke up and went down to enjoy a hot breakfast provided by the B&B. The weather was overcast, but the beaches were calling that day!

We headed over to the White Sands Eastport Beach and dipped our toes in the water. It was so refreshing to feel the cool Atlantic Ocean! We then continued to the boardwalk at the end of the beach. It was a small and easy trail that often had lookout spots to gaze back at the beach and surrounding scenery. The boardwalk opens up on a large rock that breaks into the ocean. We walked around the shoreline for a bit before returning back to the beach.

We got back in the car and continued driving to the small community of Salvage. A great benefit of the Easport Peninsula communities is that they are so close together! It was so quick and easy to navigate to all the great beaches and trails in the area.

We arrived at the Salvage Trails and began our hike in these beautiful trails. Initially we followed the trail to the lookout point high above the town. It gave a panoramic view of the tiny community. We were able to see the entire town from a bird’s eye view!

After enjoying the sights we headed down to a calm lake where we spotted a bald eagle flying in the distance. We then continued to the “Doctor’s Pond”, and also followed a trail that led to a small cemetery.

We finished the hike by returning to the platform that lay high above the small cove town. Again, the vantage point was absolutely breathtaking.

On the return, we stopped and had a great lunch at a small restaurant and bakery. We enjoyed a nice hot meal and coffee before hitting the road again.