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Hiking the Alexander Murray Trail

11 Jul 2012 by Janice Goudie in Hiking & Walking , Nature and Trip Planning
Region: Central

By Jennifer Murphy

I made a trip out to King’s Point with my mother and our dog to hike the Alexander Murray Hiking Trail. The trail is located by the entrance of the town, and has an information center with gift shop where employees will give you a map of the trail and answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding the hike.

The trail is 9 kilometers long and features both ground terrain and board walk. There are 2,200 stairs going up to, and down from, the summit, which are a great help when traversing the inclines.

My mother and I set off on our journey through the trail taking in the amazing outdoor scenery. Being the first time I was in the King’s Point area, I had no idea what to expect from this hike! I was anticipating a easy trip on a small hill, but we soon discovered it was a challenging and exciting day that lay ahead.

We came across the first waterfall on our way to the summit and spent some time at the landing taking pictures and admiring the falls.

We continued our hike up to the summit and stopped a few times along the way to peer out over the gorges and to take a rest on the many benches provided along the trail.

The summit is 1,ooo feet from sea level and when we reached the landing at the top of the mountain we were greeted with a panoramic view of the entire King’s Point area and also the surrounding bay. The weather was absolutely stunning that day and highlighted all the great features of the trail.

We then continued to travel the remainder of the hike, which thankfully was all down hill from the summit! We soon came across another series of waterfalls and stopped again to take in the beautiful sights. The trail truly encompassed all different types of nature from the waterfalls, to the gorges, and the beautiful boreal forest.

We started up the hike again and walked down through a marsh that happened to have the pitcher plant, our provincial flower, in full bloom.

Our hike finally ended after 4 hours and we were exhausted, including our dog, who hitched a ride for the majority of the trail! The sights and stunning nature that engulfed the trail made it an amazing hiking experience, and was the perfect way to spend a sunny day in Central Newfoundland!