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Reconnecting with my playful side

6 Jan 2012 by Guest Blogger in Skiing & Snowboarding
Region: Western

Posted by: Marble Mountain
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By Erika Bailey


Five years ago I started snowboarding. I was 34. And I learned here at Marble Mountain.

At the time it seemed like the perfect suicide mission. I was petrified. But it matched my criteria: face fears of heights and speed. My friends thought I was nuts. They said things like “Oh, you're way too old for that” and “Isn’t it really, really cold?” and “If only I had learned that when I was younger." Others just looked at me with incredulity, disbelief, confusion and admiration. Jealousy, even. Perhaps I am nuts, but I loved it.

Since then, I return at least twice a year to play at Marble. This year, one of my Toronto friends asked why Newfoundland? Why snowboarding?

I was thinking about this last week. Outside the lodge, two girls dressed in turquoise, yellow, purple and orange, played in the snow after the last run. They laughed breathlessly, entirely absorbed in the moment, testing their strength against one another. They reminded me of… well,  me. When I was that age. And then I realized they reminded me of me at my current age too, stomping into the lodge in my snow-dusted jacket, face warm from the smack of cool air and fabulous snow, ready for a cup of tea.

See, snowboarding helps me reconnect with my 10-year-old self. I take risks, I push my physical limits, I face my fears. I reconnect with nature; coming from flat-as-a-pancake Ontario, the views will always take my breath away. Mostly, I reunite with my deep-in-the-soul sense of fun.

Five years later, I have faced my fear of heights. I am not entirely certain I can call my measured descent ‘speedy’, but I love the rush of riding all the same. Most of all, I am grateful for my visits to Marble and this beautiful province to reconnect with my playful side.

Erika Bailey is a self-described 38-year-old snowboarder … or more like a woman on a snowboard, really. She’s visiting from Toronto and is excited it's snowing!