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A Hike Around Signal Hill

25 Nov 2010 by Peter Bull in Hiking & Walking , Culture , History and Trip Planning
Region: Avalon

By Peter Bull, Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism

There is no shortage of hikes to take in St. John's. One of my favorites is around Signal Hill - the North Head Trail. Before starting our hike we went to the Park's intrepretive center. There we learned about the many battles between the French and English that have taken place on its rocky slopes. Discovering this history before the hike brought the hill to life for Ronan and Cormac. There is also history related to the Second World War and the defense from U-boats. Great stuff for little boy's (and my) imagination while hiking. This moderate-difficult 1.7 kilometer hike takes about 90 minutes and gives views of other places to explore like Cape Spear and Fort Amherst. These places are on our list to visit on our next trip to St. John's.