Feather & Folk ATV Ride


Back country sensation, where soul and nature merge. All inclusive event, guided ATV Ride on our forefathers logging wood roads, T'Rail and backcountry lands, trailside treats and mug up, lobster or Pork Chop evening meal at Pitates Haven Long House. Fully Serviced ATV Friendly RV Park & 4 Star Chalets. ATV & SBS Rentals Available, 6 Seat ATV Group tours also available.

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$60 per person, includes 5 hour, Guided Back Country ATV Tour, Fireside Treats, Trail Lunch, Lobster or Pork Chop Dinner

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229 Main Road , Robinsons
48.2508, -58.7885 (Download GPX)
Jun 9, 2018
+1 (709) 645 2169
+1 (709) 649 0601


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