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Grates Cove

Visit Grates Cove Studios where you can eat, explore and create in the beautiful, rugged coastal landscapes of Newfoundland’s historic Grates Cove and the scenic Baccalieu Trail. Stay overnight in our three-bedroom vacation home offering stunning views of icebergs, whales, and the Baccalieu Island Ecological Reserve. Let us serve you Newfoundland, Cajun and Fusion meals at our nearby restaurant while you enjoy exploring historic Grates Cove. Even take a cooking class during your stay.


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Grates Cove Studios is open year-round, each season offering a new perspective, experience and opportunity in the historic site of Grates Cove. Enjoy our Vacation/Retreat homes, Harbor View and Snug Harbor, for the weekend or the week and let us serve you Newfoundland, Cajun and Fusion meals while you enjoy exploring historic Grates Cove.

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Three-bedroom vacation home
$150 per night; $900 per week (seven nights) plus HST

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Main Street , Grates Cove
48.1674, -52.9393 (Download GPX)
Jan 1 - Dec 31


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Starting at $599 Per Couple
Discover a Grates Cove Winter
Experience the historic coastal outport town of Grates Cove, the Northernmost point of the Avalon Peninsula and the end of the Baccalieu Trail. Hike and snowshoe around historic rock wall gardens, or nestle in and be amazed by panoramic views of the Atlantic. Enjoy intimate evening meals at our restaurant, specializing in Cajun/Creole, Asian-Inspired and local dishes using local and foraged ingredients. Retreat to your room for a seaweed bath and let the ocean view lull you to sleep.
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