Indian River Walking Trails


Indian River Walking Trail is a 5.6km trail system which follows the beautiful Indian River. This trail ranges from an easy to moderate activity level and features interpretive signage, bird watching, 15,000 acre estuary and waterfalls with a salmon ladder. You will experience biodiversity at its best as you travel along this trail, encountering a salt water marsh, a river system as well as boreal forest.

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At each end of the trail system, accommodations are available ranging from a 4.5 star Inn to RV Camping with all ammenties.

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Riverwood Drive Two entrances, Springdale
49.4989, -56.0869 (Download GPX)
May 31 - Oct 31
+1 (709) 673 3439
+1 (709) 668 0991
+1 (709) 673 4969


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