Grates Cove Studios & Cafe

Grates Cove

Visit Grates Cove Studios where you can eat, explore and create in the beautiful, rugged coastal landscapes of Newfoundland’s historic Grates Cove and the scenic Baccalieu Trail. Stay overnight in our three-bedroom vacation home offering stunning views of icebergs, whales, and the Baccalieu Island Ecological Reserve. Let us serve you Newfoundland, Cajun and Fusion meals at our nearby restaurant while you enjoy exploring historic Grates Cove. Even take a cooking class during your stay.

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Dine on a fusion of Newfoundland Cajun home cooking in the Old School House; savour delicious pulled pork sandwiches on toutons or traditional Louisiana gumbo created with snow crab and other local ingredients that are fresh in season. The restaurant at Grates Cove Studios allows owners Terrence and Courtney Howell to offer the dishes they have enjoyed cooking together since their courtship in South Korea. Reservations recommended. Accommodations available.

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$15 - $30

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Main Street , Grates Cove
48.1665, -52.9396 (Download GPX)
Jan 1 - Dec 31


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