Newfoundland Chocolate Company

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World class gourmet artisan chocolate factory, beautiful chocolaterie full of decadent gourmet chocolate creations, huge chocolate mural titled 'New Founde Chocolate Lande', six foot chocolate mermaid, real chocolate displays, dripping chocolate fascades, and a truffle counter, chocolate sculptures and even an oompa loompa or two! This landmark building is impossible to miss with its caramel and dripping chocolate exterior, old world chocolate awning and old fashioned store front window.

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World class chocolaterie - huge mural featuring "New Founde Chocolate Lande" - 6 foot chocolate mermaid - real chocolate displays and chocolate dripping from the ceiling, truffle counter.

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Location to be announced , Twillingate
49.6486, -54.7622 (Download GPX)
Jun 1- Sep 30
166 Duckworth Street , St. John's
47.5684, -52.7032 (Download GPX)
Jan 1 - Dec 31


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