Walk-A-Ways Park and Trails


Walk-A-Ways Trail Network is composed of 16.5km of gravel and sidewalk trails throughout Stephenville. There are 6 trails that make up this Trail Network. A main trail sign occurs at the entrance to the We Care Nature Trail at the Kindale Public Library. The trails are interconnected with directional markers and trail-head signage at the entrance to each trail. Trails are easy to moderate, compacted and dry and normal footware is suitable. Designed to promote the safety and enjoyment of walker

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Scenic views, nature walks, Arboretum of native trees of NL, unique and accessible 300,000,000 year old tree fossils imbedded in Blanche Brook, now a protected fossil site.

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Carolina Avenue , Stephenville
48.5522, -58.5687 (Download GPX)
May 1 - Nov 30
+1 (709) 643 4806
+1 (709) 649 7610
+1 (709) 646 3729


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