Saddle Island Trail - Red Bay National Historic Site

Red Bay

Take a one hour guided or self-guided tour of Saddle Island and visit the remnants of the ovens where whale blubber was rendered into oil, cooperages where oil barrels were assembled and the graves of some 130 whales who died here four and a half centuries ago.

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Shuttle boat has 12 passenger capacity, transfer time of 10 minutes each way, Saddle dock and trail are not wheelchair accessible.

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$2 for boat, leaves every hour

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Visitor Centre , Red Bay
51.7328, -56.4285 (Download GPX)
Jun 15 - Sep 14
+1 (709) 920 2142
+1 (709) 920 2051
+1 (709) 458 2417
+1 (709) 920 2144


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