Truce Sound Peace Garden

Sunnyside, Trinity Bay

A 1.5 km hike takes you to Frenchman's Island, a place that has figured prominently in the history of the area. The first recorded meeting between English and Beothuk took place near here in 1612. A Peace Garden Memorial was built on the island in 2012 to commemorate this historic and friendly meeting. English prisoners were held here during the Winter War of 1696-97 - when French troops raided settlements in Trinity Bay.

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Memorial dedicated to ancient peoples, commemmorates meeting between European and Beothuk, coastal trail to site with bridges and boardwalk.

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Frenchman's Island, 1.5 km from end of Parsons Road , Sunnyside, Trinity Bay
47.8595, -53.924 (Download GPX)
Jun 1 - Oct 31
+1 (709) 472 4506
+1 (709) 472 4994
+1 (709) 472 4182


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