Torngat Mountains Base Camp & Research Station

Northern Labrador

Torngat Mountains Base Camp and Research Station is a remote site in the far reaches of Labrador. It is the gateway to Torngat Mountains National Park and Hebron National Historic Site. Through guided excursions, visitors discover this spectacular arctic wilderness national park & the Inuit people who call this land home. Charter flights are the only access to the park and depart Goose Bay every Saturday during the season. Canadian Signature Experience & Park's Canada Northern Iconic Experience.

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Torngat Mountain Base Camp , Northern Labrador
58.4498, -62.7936 (Download GPX)
Jul 22 - Aug 26
+1 855 867 6428
+1 (709) 896 8505
+1 (709) 899 6645
+1 (709) 8 968 505E XT30
+1 (709) 896 5834


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A Torngats Arctic Adventure - Inuit Culture and Polar Bears!
Explore the northern extremes of Labrador in the new Torngat Mountains National Park, with fjords slicing miles into mile-high mountains. Polar Bears patrol the territory and icebergs parade south from Greenland. You will discover the coast and fjords by boat and walk the mountain-wrapped valleys. As you experience their landscape, you will, most importantly, also experience local Inuit culture. Prepare to be awestruck by the magnificent scenery, viewed through an ancient Inuit cultural lens.
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