Raleigh Traditional Fishing Village


This Learning Vacation will be the highlight of your vacation. You will gain the true value of Newfoundland and Labrador. With hands on experience an education into the basic backbone of our culture and heritage. Living as our forefathers, you'll get to par-take every aspect of the early fishery. Live eat work and sleep just as our forefathers did. From the echoes of the past, you will learn to appreciate the hardships and the rewards which this humble life breathes into those who experience it.

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Adventure culture of our past, learn about the past life of a fisherman, boat tours in a trap skift, fish and cook, learn to do traditional crafts.

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Main Street , Raleigh
51.5588, -55.7286 (Download GPX)
Jun 30 - Aug 30
+1 (709) 452 2455
+1 (709) 454 1157
+1 (709) 452 2455


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