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You begin and end your journey in North Sydney Nova Scotia and the guides know the trail like the backs of their hands. Travel the old railbed for about 65% of the 950-km journey and the other 35 % on old logging roads and trails. Moose and caribou are seen on many occasions, along with the bear, fox, coyote and rabbits, with early morning or late the best times. Cross the Gaff and look out from the Topsail. Enjoy the best hospitality and scenery this country has to offer, excellent food.

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Professional Guides with years of experience and knowledge. The ability to travel other routes if problems should occur during your excursion. For your safety there's always 2 guides for the duration of the tour.

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1 to 14
One person on a bike $1,695, second person on the same bike $1,495

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24 Maple Street , Badger
48.9782, -56.0479 (Download GPX)
Jun 1 - Sep 30
+1 (506) 386 1245
+1 (506) 351 1781


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