Mummers Festival

St. John's

Build a jaw-snapping hobby horse at one of our workshops. Come to our Rig Up, the provinces largest dress-up party. And get your gatch on at the Mummers parade! The Mummers Festival hosts a series of events and workshops leading up to our crowding event, the Mummers Parade. We want you there... and in disguise! So shake out those old long johns and borrow your aunts size 42 bra. We're calling all Mummers to the Mummers Parade.

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everyone 'llowed in!

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Center City , St. John's
47.5678, -52.7179 (Download GPX)
Nov 27 - Dec 9, 2017
+1 888 734 1892
+1 (709) 728 3058


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