Bottle Cove / Island Cove Hiking Trail

Lark Harbour

Bottle Cove/Island Cove Hiking Trail is 45km from Corner Brook, Route 450, South Shore Highway. This 2km trail is easy and suitable for all. This trail leads to Miranda (Island) Cove, Sunset Rock, Bottle Cove Beach & Captain Cook's Trails End Monument. Boardwalk, majestic scenery, spectacular sunsets, whale watching, cave exploring, 5km from Blow-Me-Down Provincial Park; parking areas; benches throughout trail; picnic table at Captain Cook's Trails End overlooking Gulf of St. Lawrence.

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Wildlife, beaches, spectacular scenery, amazing sunsets, fishing, Boardwalk.

Contact Information

Route 450 , Lark Harbour
49.1019, -58.3644 (Download GPX)
Jan 1 - Dec 31
+1 (709) 681 2214
+1 (709) 681 2906


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