Tunes & Tales of Pigeon Inlet with Kelly Russell

St. John's

Kelly Russell's "Tunes and Tales of Newfoundland" features his performance of the music of fiddlers Emile Benoit and Rufus Guinchard, with whom he played and learned from for many years, and his retelling of "Tales of Pigeon Inlet," a collection of stories set in the fictional rural community of that name that were written by his father, Ted Russell, in the 1950s, and remain available in book and recorded forms today. Kelly has been designated the Province's 1st offical "Tradition Bearer"

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$25 (19 and over only)

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88 Water Street The Crow's Nest, St. John's
47.5677, -52.7032 (Download GPX)
Jul - Aug 2017
+1 (709) 488 3821
+1 (709) 697 1916


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