The Lakeside at Thorburn

Thorburn Lake

Year-round family adventure park on Thorburn lake offering semi-serviced campgrounds, 9-room motel with efficiency rooms plus 12 bunk loft. Satellite TV, hot Tub, conveniences store, snack bar, laundry facilities and comfort station. Lakeside fun/adventure year round. Go-karts, playground, boat rentals, sandy beach, pool, water skiing, tube riding, fishing, hiking, ATV tours, snowmobile rentals, guided tours, ice fishing,iIce skating, sliding, snowshoeing & skiing, golf nearby. More to come.

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Newly renovated motel, campgrounds/family adventure park, offering efficiency rooms, satellite TV, semi-serviced sites/hot tub, convenience store/snack bar, laundry facilities/comfort station, mature setting on the lake, fun/adventure year round, go-karts, playground/boat rentals, fishing/sandy beach, pool/water skiing/tube riding, hiking/walking/snowmobile trail, ATV tours, snowmobile rentals/guided tours, ice fishing/ice skating, sliding/snowshoeing, skiing/golf nearby/more to come.

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S20 - $40, weekly and seasonal rates available.

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Route 1 , Thorburn Lake
48.2742, -54.1346 (Download GPX)
May 1 - Oct 20
+1 (877) 330 3319
+1 (709) 427 7668
+1 (709) 834 7323


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