The Great Viking Feast Experience

St. Anthony

Enjoy an evening of food, fun and feuds at the Great Viking Feast! Come to Leifsburdir and be part of a Viking court of law while feasting on an all you can eat buffet of the food that the Vikings may have enjoyed. Listen to the Vikings and customers make their case to the Lawspeaker and then decide on their fate and punishment. We have entertained well over 60,000 satisfied guests. Join our crew and become an honorary Viking and take away a certificate to prove it.

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Maximum 100 / 66 Cafe
$56 per person. Taxes and tips extra

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21 Fishing Point Road , St. Anthony
51.3561, -55.5562 (Download GPX)
May 1 - Sep 30, 2017
May 1 - Sep 30, 2018
+1 (709) 454 4900
+1 (709) 649 7784


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Great Viking Feast
If you are looking for a unique and exciting dining experience, the Great Viking Feast is the place to be! The Feast features a Viking sod hut where an interactive Viking court of law occurs most evenings in the summer. The Vikings are sure to entertain and the excellent food consists of cod tongues, capelin, jigs dinner, fish and brewis, moose stew and many more traditional foods. Located at Fishing Point, the views of the ocean, whales and icebergs are simply breathtaking!
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The Great Viking Feast

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