Sir Wilfred Grenfell Hotel


Wabush Hotel Limited - Sir Wilfred Grenfell Hotel! A touch of elegance in the north, Air conditioned 31/2 star property with full amenities, wireless internet, business services, fitness centre, meeting rooms, banquet hall, lounge, restaurant and dining room, laundry services, barber shop and fully licenced massage therapist. Located near the Airport and Jean Lake hiking trail.


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Air-conditioned, chinese/canadian restaurant, dining room/lounge/meeting/banquet facilities, barber shop, room/laundry services, color/cable/remote-c ontrolled TV, coffee machines, voice mail, private bath/shower, massage clinic, high speed wireless internet all rooms, fitness room, fully equipped meeting rooms and catering Services.

Helpful Information

84 Rooms
Single $160, double $165, suite $175, meeting room suite $185, meeting room $200 per day/group rates available. See website or call for rates.

Contact Information

9 Grenfell Drive , Wabush
52.9058, -66.8739 (Download GPX)
Jan 1 - Dec 31
+1 (709) 282 3221
+1 (709) 282 3222
+1 (709) 282 3061


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