Pasadena Beach / Oasis Grill House


Located on the pristine shores of Deer Lake in the beautiful town of Pasadena, Pasadena Beach provides ideal family enjoyment. Play & relax in the sun on the great sandy beach, hangout on the deck, take a romantic evening walk, enjoy some food & refreshment, and/or take in some live entertainment.

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Sandy Beach, licensed beachside restaurant with interior seating (up to 150), large deck overlooking Deer Lake, washroom facilities are wheelchair accessible, live music weekends, availalbe for weddings and any type of family party, swimming, water activities, fishing accessible by boat, kayak and seadoo.

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2A Ryan's Road , Pasadena
49.022, -57.6079 (Download GPX)
May 20 - Sep 15
+1 (709) 686 5366
+1 (709) 686 5137


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