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Canada's National Award Winning Dive and Adventure Resort is a "one-stop-shop" for adventure seekers. Our Close Encounter Adventures provide you with an exciting look at our marine environment. Snorkel with Humpback Whales, kayak in the sea caves of Bell Island, catch an Atlantic cod, scuba dive on WWII shipwrecks, or even drink an iceberg! We offer private boat charters, culinary tours, culture, history and adventure. Come discover our world, and experience NL the way that only we can show it!

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2 - 45
$65 - $2999

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Just off Main Road - Snorkling Tour Departure Location , Petty Harbour
47.4636, -52.7079 (Download GPX)
May 1 - Nov 30
Sunset Key Marina - Boat Tour Departure Location , Long Pond
47.5148, -52.9736 (Download GPX)
May 1 - Nov 30
40 O'Leary Avenue , St. John's
47.5604, -52.7609 (Download GPX)
May 1 - Nov 30
+1 (866) 623 2664
+1 (709) 722 7234
+1 (709) 685 4565


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Special Offers from this Operator

Starting at $229.99 Per Person
Taste Beneath the Sea with Culture, History and Heritage
Your guide slows the boat as you pass Cpt. Kelly's Island learning of pirates and early settlers to the area. Nearing Bell Island he tells you stories of iron ore mining, German subs and WWII shipwrecks. On this rugged adventure, you feel the culture, history, and heritage, a true sense of place. On the beach, you meet your chef, with an amazing spread of seafood laid out that they call a Boil Up. You are overwhelmed with the smell of fish, home-made treats, and colorful wild edibles.
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Ocean Quest Adventures

Starting at $150 Per Person
Snorkeling with Whales: Close Encounter
You are bobbing up and down in the Atlantic Ocean. In the distance a different shade of blue grows and brightens, until it is white. It takes a moment to process that this is the underbelly of a humpback whale. How can anything living be so big? The whale surfaces for air and notices you. How curious and strange you must be to her. She decides to have a closer look. You realize you now have a new friend; too bad you can’t text her later. Available option: no snorkeling / stay aboard Zodiac!
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Ocean Quest Adventures

Starting at $199.99 Per Person
Ocean Safari with Waterfalls: Close Encounters
Begin your adventure from a 200 year old fishing village. Puffins, Gannets and Eagles soar above, as you zip through the water, accompanied by dolphins and whales in the near distance. You may think its another whale, but the natural land-based geyser blows, you have reached the Spout. You can enjoy the splash zone from the boat, or slip into the water to explore the vibrant ecosystem below where the fish and marine life call home. Finish off with a rejuvenating natural waterfall shower.
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Ocean Quest Adventures

Starting at $3000 Per Couple
Eat It Wild
Experience wild Newfoundland & Labrador and dive deep into our cuisine. This 3 night experience is for the food enthusiast who is interested in a rustic ocean-side experience to discover a place through it's people, it's culture and it's food.

Our days will be immersed in beach-combing, woods-foraging, game butchery and wood fire cooking. This is an experience that will be bringing you close to the land and sea.

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Cod Sounds

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