Maidstone Inn

St. David's

Lovely country home, ocean frontage, beautiful gardens, comfortable air-conditioned rooms, full breakfast included. Fireplaces and flatscreen satelite TVs in rooms. Three rooms with ensuite bath. WiFi, internet and laundry available. Boating, birdwatching, hiking trails and picnics. Firepit and seating to view faboulous sunsets. Skeleton of a 65" fin whale on site.


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Three rooms with ensuite bath, 1 room with bathroom in hall, fireplace and flat screen TV in rooms, full breakfast included, WiFi, internet and laundry available, ample parking, some french spoken, BBQ available.

Helpful Information

4 Rooms
$95 - $100 per night

Contact Information

760 Maidstone Road , St. David's
48.2063, -58.8657 (Download GPX)
May 20 - Oct 1
+1 (709) 645 2671
+1 (647) 456 2718
+1 (905) 916 2834


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