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Delivering unique experiences, Linkum’s tours range from relaxing to pulse-raising soft-adventure. Our local guides, hosts, and planners are skilled and enthusiastic about making your vacation unforgettable -the only surprises being rolling icebergs, breaching whales, napping polar bears and wandering moose. All that and the chance to sing with locals and find that perfect painting for your living room! Fully, semi- and self-guided options. Customized itineraries available.

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Custom itineraries for groups from one to fifty. As Newfoundlanders, we use our experience to ensure you see not only the icons, but the hidden gems that can be found anywhere – from isolated outports to downtown St. John’s. Guided, semi-guided or independent tours are available. We arrange logistics and plan your day to fill it from dawn to dusk or leave you more freedom to wander and pause as the mood strikes you. Our tours suit those touring at a relaxed pace or hiking in Polar Bear country.

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51 Dogwood Drive Head Office, Steady Brook, Province-Wide
48.9514, -57.8351 (Download GPX)
Jan 1 - Dec 31
51 Dog Wood Drive Steady Brook Head Office, Steady Brook
48.9514, -57.8351 (Download GPX)
May 15 - Sep 30
+1 (877) 254 6586
+1 (709) 634 2285
+1 (709) 639 1592


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