Grand Heritage Crafts

Grand Bank

Grand Heritage Crafts is located within the Harris House. Here you will find wonderfully inspired, quality items from local and provincial artisans. Goods include specialty foods, knitted and crocheted goods, sealskin/fur products, homemade quilts, Christmas ornaments, handcrafted models of dory boats, and ship-in-bottles. Books, paintings, photographs, and souvenir items are also available.

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--Located within George C. Harris House, locally-made products, debit and credit cards accepted (no cheques), specialty food items, books (local and provincial), paintings and photographs, knitted goods.

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No cheques

Contact Information

16 Water Street , Grand Bank
47.0997, -55.7521 (Download GPX)
Jun 27 - Sep 4
+1 (709) 832 1574
+1 (709) 832 1636


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