Flambro Head Museum

Job's Cove

Flambro Head Heritage Society offers the visitor a chance to view their museum/cafe and boardwalk facilities. Further to this there's the famous beach carry on (The Droke) in Job's Cove and the Mouse Hole at Burnt Point. The famous site includes Flambro Head of Lower Island Cove. In August, there is an outdoor concert featuring local talent.

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Washroom, food services, boardwalk. Artifacts, photos, tools, which depict the early lifestyles of the north shore. Hiking, National Historic Sites, beaches, lookout/ viewing point and natural attractions near by.

Contact Information

Route 70 , Job's Cove
47.9855, -53.0078 (Download GPX)
Jul 5 - Aug 12
+1 (709) 584 3624
+1 (709) 584 3823
+1 (709) 584 3934


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