Commissariat Provincial Historic Site

St. John's

In 1829 St. John's was alive with talk of Newfoundlanders having the right to manage their own affairs through their own government. Today a provocative, multi-media experience at the Commissariat recreates a volatile period in 19th-century St. John's, when British naval rule is ending and a power struggle was at hand...

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Exhibits, gardens, historic house, washrooms, parking, near bus routes

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Adults $6, Seniors/students $4, Youth $3, Under 5 free. Seasons pass to all 11 Provincial Historic Sites $15

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11 - 13 King's Bridge Road , St. John's
47.5725, -52.7024 (Download GPX)
May 20 - Oct 6
+1 (709) 729 6730
+1 (709) 729 0592
+1 (709) 729 7989


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Impress with a Quill Pen
Can you write with a feather? The Officers of the Commissary could. Until the mid to late nineteenth century, most writing was done this way. Have a seat in the general office in Commissariat House and try it for yourself. Dip your feather in the ink to write your name or draw a picture. If you’re feeling adventurous, try writing a letter then sealing it with wax.
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Commissariat Provincial Historic Site

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