Abadak Wilderness Adventures Inc.

Victoria Lake (Sub-Region 4.4)

Whatever you desire, from leisure travel to physical challenges, camping, canoeing, fishing, hiking, hunting, or just enjoying the many community points of interest, we have what you’re looking for.

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Hot/Cold Running Water, Indoor Plumbing, Shower, Electricity, Double Occupancy Bedrooms, Mobile Telephone Service, Meat Storage Facility.

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Angling $150 per day Atlantic Salmon $300 per day Moose $6000 Caribou $8500 Bear $3500

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Victoria Lake West FMD 14, Victoria Lake (Sub-Region 4.4)
48.2646, -57.5509 (Download GPX)
+1 (709) 649 0857
+1 (709) 647 3478
+1 (709) 649 0857


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