50 Centuries Interpretation Centre

Bird Cove

An incredible, unforgettable experience awaits you in Bird Cove. For over 5,000 years the Bird Cove area has provide rich resources from the land and sea for diverse groups of people. Prehistoric and historic occupants came to utilize the areas’ diverse and natural resources. Archaeological digs have shed light on the various people and their way of life. While hiking along the trails and shorelines of Dog Peninsula, it is not unusual to find early European artifacts.

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Tea Room, washrooms, craft shop, wireless internet ( Interpretation Centre only) hiking and walking trails nearby

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$7 admission. Experience rates vary.

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84 - 92 Michael's Drive , Bird Cove
51.0527, -56.9309 (Download GPX)
Jun 1 - Sep 10
+1 (877) 247 2011
+1 (709) 247 2011
+1 (709) 247 2256
+1 (709) 247 2011


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