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Little Harbour, Twillingate, Little Harbour

Cabins, Little Harbour, Twillingate with ocean front . Very quiet and peaceful. Excellent site for icebergs and whales. Self-contained, smoke free, satellite TV, kitchenette, Full Bathroom, Pets allowed, BBQ on site, Close to shopping, restaurants, museums, hiking trails, boat tours and dinner theatre.


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Cabin #1- 1 bedroom with double bed, cabin #2 - 2 bedrooms with double beds, cabin #3 - 2 bedrooms with double beds & spacious sitting/dining room, all cabins satellite TVs, kitchenette, bath/shower/dining room/efficiency units, pets allowed, BBQ on site. smoke free.

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3 Cabins
$80 - $90

Contact Information

Main Road , Little Harbour, Twillingate
49.6283, -54.7097 (Download GPX)
Apr 1 - Sep 30
+1 (709) 884 5483
+1 (709) 884 5483


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