Amalijek Lodge

Amalijek Lake

Canoe, hike, fly/lure fish for Brook Trout and Landlocked Salmon. Hunt for Moose, Black Bear and Caribou. Our lodge has all the comforts of home, wood heating, propane gas appliance and lighting, also electricity from a gasoline generator. Outdoor pioneer style privy and a propane heated Lorbre shower facility. Accommodates four people per booking. Canoes and safety equipment provided.

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Lodge has all Comforts of Home, Heating is Wood Burning Stove, Propane Gas Appliances & Lighting, Supplemented by Gasoline Motor Generated Electric Power, Toilet Facility is of Pioneer Style Outdoor Privacy, Equipped with Detached but Private Propane Heated Lorbre Shower Facility.

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Amalijek Lodge FMD 7, Amalijek Lake
48.0562, -55.372 (Download GPX)
+1 (709) 897 4127
+1 (709) 896 4039
+1 (709) 896 4039


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