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New Bonaventure

By sea from New Bonaventure enjoy a three hour tour to the enchanting and long abandoned communities of Kerleys Harbour, Ireland's Eye and British Harbour. Hear stories of the past and see old photos. Option to return by boat or self-guided hike over highlands and alongside tumbling streams. See Random Passage Site, water falls, wild birds, and eagles. Also possible sightings of whales, and icebergs. Approved by Transport Canada

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Visit Resettled Communities of Kerley's Harbour, Ireland's Eye and British Harbour. Hear the History, See Old Photo's, Enjoy a Hot Cup of Tea, See Eagles, Seabirds, Wild Flowers and Possible Sightings of Icebergs and Whales

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12 passengers
Adults $70, 17 years and under $50, group and charter rates available upon request

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Route 239 , New Bonaventure
48.2843, -53.443 (Download GPX)
May 15 - Oct 15
+1 (709) 464 3856
+1 (709) 464 7131
+1 (709) 464 3856


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